Sunday, 4 January 2015

Top Beauty Products In 2014

Hello Readers!

Happy new year! First off, I need to apologise for my absence. I have abandoned this poor little blog for just over 2 years. PLEASE FORGIVE ME! Life gets in the way, and hobbies get forgotten about. This saddens me.

But now I am back! I thought what better way to get back into blogging, is to show you all my top 5 beauty products which I have been enjoying throughout 2014.

If any of these are also your holy grail's, I'd love to know!


1. The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Mist - £7.50

I absolutely love this body mist. During 2014, I developed a love obsession for anything peach flavoured or scented. This body mist does not disappoint. It smells so juicy and sweet.   It has been living in my handbag, and is always handy for a quick touchup. As it is a body mist, the scent does not seem to linger for that long, however I don't mind so much, as I'm more than happy to keep spraying such a beautiful smell. It isn't the most practical bottle to lug around everywhere, as it is glass. But I have not had any problems with it so far.

I also own the body butter from this range, and when combined with this, I smell delightful (if I do say so myself...)

 This product has been a lifesaver. For them days where you would prefer an extra half an hour in bed, a quick spray of this in your hair, and you are good to go. It smells really pleasant, and is a great product and a wonderful price. I used to use Batiste dry shampoo, but the white power it used to use was annoying. Whereas this one comes out clear, so thats a huge advantage, and means it makes the whole process a lot quicker!

 THIS IS A LIFESAVER. I have long hair, which is always prone to knotting/turning into dreadlocks. It is ergonomically designed so it fits well in your palm. It is one of the more pricer brushes on the market, but in my eyes it is 100% worth every penny. I think this proves my love for it, as I lost one, and rushed straight to Boots to buy another one. I didn't even think twice about looking at an alternative. It glides through the hair with minimal pulling, releasing all the knots. It also makes my hair feel silky and shiny. 

They come in a range of colours too which is nice. The one I lost was hot pink all over. Now I've got a lilac/baby pink one. 

This deodorant is fab. I have not used another deodorant for at least 2 years now. It shows NO signs of underarm wetness, and gives me so much more confidence. I used to be conscious that I had 'sweat patches' whenever I lifted my arms up, but with this, there is no chance of that happening. Even when I get so warm, rushing around in a super busy restaurant as a waitress, it doesn't let me down!!! This is SO worth the slightly pricey tag (for a deodorant anyway).  This scent (everyday fresh) is my favourite. I think there are four different scents, and I like them all. Just have more of a preference for this one. It is advised that you put it on at night, and you don't need to reapply in the morning, however I usually forget about this. But applying it in the morning for the day doesn't seem to make a difference, as it still works amazingly. 

One downside to this is that it does leave white marks on dark clothing. But I can look past this, and just wait a minute or so for it to dry, or put the clothes on carefully. The white doesn't stain, it just comes off with a wet wipe, so it is not the end of the world if it does get on your top! I just hope this product NEVER gets discontinued!!

 This BB cream is so so wonderful. I struggle with face makeup, as I am quite pale, with slight yellow undertones. I find a lot of foundations to be more pinky, and look silly on me. I had read a lot of good reviews for this BB cream, and as you cannot see the colour of it in the tube, and can not swatch it in stores I took the risk and ordered it. Best decision ever! It blends in so well to my skin, with great coverage. I would say it is more light to medium coverage, but you could build it up! It has got 25 spf in, which is great. It is so moisturising, and I find I do not need to apply a moisturiser before this. 

Ever since I've been using it, I have noticed a massive improvement in my skin, and rarely suffer from spots anymore. If I do get spots, I find that Collection Lasting Perfection concealer on top of this creates such a flawless base. I finish it off with dusting of Rimmel face powder and I am good to go!

The colour of this is so natural! It is not orange in the slightest. So happy with this. It is fairly expensive, but one of these tubes lasts me around 3 months, so I feel it is well worth it.

I have attached links to all of these products, apart from the peach body mist (I could not find it on their website- sad times), so you can have a look yourself!

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love