Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Jack Wills Nail Varnish - Rose

Hello Readers!

The other day, I bought this nail varnish from Jack Wills. For all of you who don't know what Jack Wills is, its a (fairly pricey) clothing brand, which was originally aimed at university students.

I knew Jack Wills did "Beauty" but I was always quite reluctant to try it, because their main selling point is clothes, so I didn't know if they were to look for quality in their products, rather than just launching make up, just because they can! So I thought that I will try a nail varnish first, and see how that measures up!

I got the colour Rose, which in the bottle looks, a cross between a barbie pink, and almost quite coral coloured! However when it is on the nails, it does match up to the description which I just said, but in natural daylight, it almost looks quite neon pink, which personally, I'm not a massive fan of!

The bottle is a lot like Models Own nail polishes, but this one has got a plastic navy lid, as the main colours of Jack Wills are navy and pink. The formula surprised me! It is a fairly thick consistency, but still needs two coats! I have had it on for 2 days now, and there are still no chips! If it stays like this, barely chipping, I will invest in some more colours! Ive seen a really nice baby blue/ mint colour, which is called Aqua on the website, and I really like the look of it!

I will keep this on my nails for a few days longer, and see if I can warm to the colour! If not, I think it will be a nice colour for toe nails in the summer!

This retails for £6 for 14ml. I don't think that is too bad, given the quality! The only downside to this polish, is the colour is a bit bright for my liking!

Here is a link to the page on the Jack Wills website with the nail polishes on!

Have any of you tried any Jack Wills' beauty range? Do let me know what you think to it! :D

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! :) I got the mirror on ebay here... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SHABBY-CHIC-WHITE-BELGRAVIA-DRESSING-TABLE-MIRROR-UNIT-SMALL-DRAWERS-/260974541006?pt=UK_Home_Garden_Mirrors&hash=item3cc34b78ce


    1. Thank You :) It's gorgeous! xx

  2. Such a pretty colour. :)


    1. It is a lot more neon on the nail, the pictures don't really show it up to good! :)