Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner

Hello Readers!

Sorry about the long gap in posts, I've been so busy! :(

On to the post.. Alot of people underestimate how good collection 2000 is! I know a lot of bloggers swear by their longwear concealer which they do, and I'm one of them!

For eyeliner, I previously used Maybelline's gel eyeliner, but as I am quite clumsy, it takes me a lot of time to get the perfect line! So I decided to go into Boots, and see what alternatives there are out on the market. In my local Boots, there isnt a huge range of make up brands, but just a few good ones. I already had in mind that I wanted a felt tip liner, as I prefer a thick line on my eyes. I orginally picked up a Bourjois one, which was just under £7. I continued to browse, and found this one on the Collection 2000 range (which has now been renamed as 'collection'). I swatched both of them on my hand, and to me, the formula was the same.

The packaging for this is very sleek, and not offensive. It has a firm plastic lid, which saves you worrying that it will come of in you make up bag and dry out/ make a mess!

The formula is moist, and doesn't drag on your eyes. When I swatched it on paper for the photo, it did look quite dry, but I suppose it is not designed for paper! It applies really nicely, and gives a nice precise application.

It retails for £2.99 which is a complete bargain!

My rating: 3/5

Lots of Love




  1. Very pretty!


    1. Thanks! It's a fab eyeliner! :D x

  2. hey miss i just found your blog and i love it!
    now following you ♥! say hi back sometime?

    also, be sure to enter my *MAC Makeup Giveaway* that i've got going on today! what's there to lose, besides a free lipstick of your choice?

    hugs, xo!

    1. Thanks :) I will check yours out :) xx

  3. great line"


  4. such a nice and helpful post :)
    i think it's hard to find a good eyeliner. I'm quite often disappointed especially about the felt pen -.-' But now I switched to a geleyeliner. it's quite good :)
    in btw really nice blog you have here, dear :))



  5. This is so good. Looks amazing dear! Such a good job and so talented! I am giving away $50 to ASOS and I would love for you to stop by an enter!

  6. This stuff is actually really decent! x

    1. :) I find it dries out fairly quick though :( x