Tuesday, 12 June 2012

OPI Be a Dahlia Won't You? - Nail Polish Review

Hello Readers!

This is just a quick post, showing you what I am currently wearing on my nails! This is a mini OPI nail varnish, in the shade 'Be a Dahlia Won't You?'. This shade came from OPI Nice Stems collection. This pack contains 4 polishes, and retails for just under £13. You can buy this on BeautyBay here. I think buying miniature OPI's is a good idea, because it allows you to try various colours and finishes for a lower price, and saves you around £11 if you were to buy a full size version, to find you don't like it!

This is a really nice sparkling fuchsia pink colour! It catches the light really nicely, and just is a lovely sparkling colour! It is not glitter, it is just heavily shimmery! Because of how shimmery/ sparkly it is, I found it hard to pick up the exact colour of the polish. 

My flash is making the colour seem more of a red colour, when it is a hot pink

The image on the left, with no flash, is very precise to the actual colour of the polish :D

As you can see, the bottle is tiny! It holds a teeny 3.75ml of product, compared to the full size version which holds 15ml!

Disclaimer: This photograph is not mine, I found it on google images, but I thought I would include it as it shows a true representative of the colour! :)

I really like the formula of this product, and I have had it on for 2 days so far, and have not had any chipping! It is a very glamourous colour haha! I think I may have to wear it on a few more occasions, to be able to decide whether I would like to purchase it full size!

My Rating (for the colour and the quality): 4/5 

Have any of you tried this colour?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. this colour is so so pretty and so feminine :) love it!
    opi has so many great shades! *_*

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

    1. I know! It's almost like a magical/ princess colour! Haha!
      Yeah they do, I think I want 99% of them! Haha x