Sunday, 2 October 2011

17 Mirror Shine Lipstick - Beehive

Hello All!
I am doing well today, 2 blog posts in one day! I shouldn't think this will happen alot!

Moving on to the subject of the post! On friday, I purchased Beehive from the 17 collection in boots. This lipstick is raved about in the blogging world, so I almost felt like I had to have it! I swatched the grimey tester on my hand in the shop, and the colour seemed really pretty! So I put one in my basket, and headed for the till.

When I got home, I opened it up, and was so eager to try it! My first impression... horrible. I was so disappointed.I was expecting a really nice pinky nude, but it just made my lips look SO cakey. I wanted a natural look with this, and it almost made me look like I had the typical 'concealer lips'.

However it is VERY moisturizing and creamy, and has a nice gleam to it. I like the mirrored turquoise blue packaging, but others may not!

These retail at £4.69 each. I will conceder buying other colours from this range, but as this is the first lipstick that I have got from there, it hasnt given me the best impression!

What are your thoughts on this lipstick? Have you tried it?

My views: 2/5 ** :(

Lots of Love




  1. The colour is nice! Did you try to put it on lightly or with a brush? :)

  2. I pressed down quite hard on the lipstick itself, without using a brush. :)

  3. I love the colour of this :) thanks for the good review :) xx