Sunday, 9 October 2011

Hellllppp! D:

Hello Readers!

Now this isnt a review, but I need some advice!

I wore red nail varnish on my finger nails for about a week, and I have just taken it off, to reveal my freshly yellow stained nails!! :'( I know, I know, I should have worn a base coat, but I didnt... I have never had this trouble before... Does anyone have any advice, on how to get my nails back to normal colour.. The yellow makes me look like a smoker, and its disgusting!

Thank youuu!

Lots of Love,

Vicky xxxx

p.s. Lots of reviews to come!

p.p.s. Here is a pretty autumn picture from weheartit, to keep spirits high! :D


  1. It hasn't happened to me personally but I have heard you are meant to soak your nails in peroxide and water or lemon juice!

    Hope this has helped:) Good luck.

  2. Where can I get some peroxide from?! :P x

  3. Ahh I get this so much too! If you find out a good idea tell me haha x

  4. i've had this problem before from green varnish!

    To get rid of it i used to soak my nails in lemon juice, & let them "air" from polish for a while-but i did put a clear coat with a pink hint to it on to detract the yellow-ness of the nail because i used to hate how it looked, it cleared in about 2weeks or so xx