Sunday, 2 October 2011

Pretige Colour Treat Lipsticks

Hello Readers! Got another review for you! :D

The other day, after I had finished college, I decided to go an have a look around the local Boots, as it is much bigger than the one in my hometown! I fancied going on a bit of a spending spree, as it was payday, and I had caught a bit of a cold, and shopping always seems to make me feel better!

So I was having a bit of a browse around the make-up section, seeing what new products there are, swatching nearly every sparkly eye-shadow, as you can imagine! Then I came to a stand which I had never noticed before; Prestige. This Boots that I was in, must be discontinuing their range of prestige, as the display was practically empty with a couple of bits and bobs still remaining! What drew my attention the most was the fact that they were having a 75% off clearance!

All in all, I picked up 9 products, and Boots are currently having a 3 for 2 offer on all their make-up, so I paid for just 6! I will do separate posts on each item, as I want these reviews to be morse precise!

I personally like the packaging, as it looks girly and pretty, and you wouldnt be embarrassed to keep it in your make up bag, or to whip it out in public! However, some people may not like it, as it is very plasticy! It is just a simple grey tube, with baby pink, fancy writing, saying Prestige all over the lid.

I picked up two of these lipsticks, I think there are 10 different shades all in all, but in this Boots, they only had about 5 shades available. They are usually £6.50 each , but because of the 75% off sale, I got them for £1.62 each! Massive bargain if you ask me!

The first shade which I picked up is: LCL-03 - Radiant Coral. The name of it pretty much describes it to a T! It is more pinky toned than orange in my eyes, and it has a lovely sheen to it! It is quite a bold colour when on your lips, and it comes out pretty much true to colour! They are both very moisturising too! My camera is making the colour look ALOT more red than it really is... I would say it is more of a warmer coral than you would expect.. Its lovely though!

If you take a look on their website, you will be able to see the actual colours a lot more accurately.
*** ***

This is Radiant Coral Above!

Moving on to the second lipstick; LCL-04 - Beautifully Buff.

This lipstick is my favorite out of the two! It is my lip colour, but better! It gives out a really nice natural, yet classy feel to it. It is a dusky pink colour, with a tinge of brown(?). Haha, my descriptive skills need to improve! The photos of this one are a lot closer to real life than the Radiant Coral one! Stupid Sunlight! Haha!

Both lipsticks go on a dream, and last on your lips for an average time. The texture is not too creamy, but it is not too waxy (like the barry m lipsticks). I would recommend these lipsticks, as they are nice quality, however to me, they are one of them products that once it is used up, you wont go out rushing to buy it again, you move on, and try to find an alternative!

My rating: 4/5 ****

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. Love these colours, will have to invest after seeing your rating!

    Helen, x

  2. I love the quality on them! :D