Friday, 18 May 2012

Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick - Sexy Game Review

Hello Readers!

If you  have read my last couple of posts, you will know that I have been to Paris!

Whilst on my venture in Sephora, I picked up one of their 'Rouge Cream' lipsticks in the colour 'Sexy Game 12'.

I really like the packaging! You can't really see it as well as I would of liked (due to rubbish lighting) But the lid is just plain black plastic, and then around the bottom of the base, it is a shinier black plastic displaying the word 'SEPHORA'. Like the MUA lipsticks, on the bottom of this one has the colour of the lipstick. 

It is a nice deep red/ rosy brown colour. It is amazingly pigmented, within one swipe your whole lip is covered! It is very creamy not dry like most Barry M lipsticks! The colour that it is showing up on my lip picture is more accurate to the real colour, as the lighting is making it look more red/orange in the other pictures!

If I get the chance again, I would like to buy more of these! To me, it is a tad too dark for an everyday colour, but I think it would be nice as an evening/ more sophisticated colour! 

You can view more colours here which is on the US Sephora website.

I bought this €10.90, which is approx. £8.70.

My Rating: 4/5

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  1. I have never tried a Sephora Lipstick which now I'm quite sad about! How long would you say it lasts on your lips without any touch ups? I'm tempted to get one online now and just wanna make sure it will stay put on my lips :)
    Great review!


    1. It seemed to last at least 2 hours on me, but as it is a darker colour, I think it slightly stains your lips, so it doesnt look as patchy as any other red lipstick fading! Its very creamy though, and only takes one swipe for a full lip of colour!

      I would defiantly think about investing in one! :)


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    1. I know, I wish there was a sephora here too.. :( You may be able to order off of the american site, but it might cost a fortune to be shipped.. :( xx